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  • 13 January

FAQ in ArtBoz

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Q1: What happened if I sign out and want to sign back in? What password should I be using?

A: Email login doesn’t require a password (Web3.0 Tech: Every time you sign out and sign back in, a login email will be sent to your mailbox and you just need to one-click the “Login” button to do authentication.


Q2: How to add files and the pricing of each image?

A: You could refer to our tutorial blogs by following the steps:

  1. Click on the “Blog” on the header
  2. Click on the ArtBoz Tutorial profile
  3. Click on the “ArtBoz – ABSPC / Young creator Tutorial – How to add a new NFT” to learn more about ArtBoz


Q3: What is the sale price?

A: Sales price is for offering a discount on the NFT, if you have no intention to do that, please leave it blank








Q4: What is the difference between “Add New Product” and “Add New Drop”?


  • Add New Product -> NFTs without a time limit
  • Add New Drop -> Specific NFTs collections with a time limit

A “Drop” is like a collection event which has the following features:

  1. Has a unique theme and time period
  2. NFTs tied to this drop will expire after the end of the drop
  3. Multiple creators can involve in one drop
  4. A Banner image and a feature image (Thumbnail image) are needed
  5. Initiated by NFT creators to list their NFTs within a period of time, similar to an art auction

If you want to tie an NFT to a drop:

  1. Add a new drop first
  2. Select the drop when adding a new product



Q5: Can I list multiple NFTs with the same image?

A: If you want to list multiple NFTs with the same image, you can attach a serial number (Eg. 101-example) to the name of each NFT when adding them, you can refer to the naming format of the existing NFTs.